Wednesday, April 22, 2009

so my theater teacher is a maniac.
today he made someone cry because they couldn't pronounce a word for the umpteenth time and he just started yelling at her. when she went to the bathroom to cry in peace he was like is she sick or something? we said no, just frustrated, and he said OH so it's a psychological problem, i can't deal with fragile people like that. we said italian was just difficult for her and she was really trying, and he said that she definitely wasn't or she would succeed, and it was merely a problem of concentration. very nice. he also yelled at us for not marking our parts for an exercise we had never previously done or discussed, and made fun of this one guy's american accent rudely and at great length. this was only today. we're still reading the same four poems (POEMS, not plays) that we have been for weeks and weeks, which is becoming a bit fastidious.

right now i'm chilling in the program office trying to stay awake, because i need to be here at 1700 for a mandatory program meeting and if i go home i intend to sleep for quite a while. currently wondering if i can get away with napping on this couch.

reason #346 why the italian bus system is ridiculous: this morning as i got to the bus stop i saw the #27 i wanted pulling away. i was bummed to miss it but was willing to wait nine minutes for the next one. suddenly another #27 pulled up to the stop, so i joyously boarded it, thinking, what luck! the system is working out in my favor! then we got to the main stop in the center of the city, where the bus stopped for 15 minutes and i ended up walking the rest of the way to school to avoid being late.

i'm finally getting that allergic reaction on my skin to the wheat i've been eating that i came home with last summer, so i'm taking another cleansing absolutely-no-gluten break.

i am a bit grouchy today, i apologize! however, it IS unbelievably gorgeous outside, and the windows are open and letting in a nice breeze. i am also very proud of my italian proficiency this week! i went to a dinner party yesterday and was able to have many lovely conversations with italian people.

more of the family vacation saga soon!

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