Thursday, April 2, 2009

i'm still alive, despite the lack of blog posts!

i just finished my anthropology exam, and got what amounts to be a B. good enough! now i'm completely done with my universita' di bologna classes, and only have two courses through my program remaining. however, after today i have TWO WEEKS of spring break, and those two classes will be finishing shortly after that.

last night i went to a discoteca for 80's night, which was lots of fun. tonight i'm going salsa dancing, which should be even more excellent. tomorrow i'm meeting some friends in florence, so as you can see i'm taking full advantage of being done with exams! saturday and sunday i'll take some time to catch up on sleep and start cooking my own meals again.

i'm currently in the process of finding housing and chosing classes for next fall back at MHC, which is weird because i feel like all of that is so far away right now.

in one week my parents will be here. :D