Monday, April 20, 2009

short continuation of the italian saga, not feeling so good today. i just had a whole bottle of diet coke and a cappuccino and still feel all foggy. currently in the middle of a fibro flare which doesn't mesh well with walking all over town.

the second day of my parents' italian journey was spent in bologna. trish and i went for a run in the morning and i wore my awesome new running skirt. after that we met up with mom and got some excellent panini for lunch. after lunch, we climbed the daunting asinelli tower, which provides a spectacular view of the whole city of bologna. the stairs were quite a workout, so we went to my favorite gelateria afterwards. the gelateria is devilishly close to my apartment (horrible temptation!) so i gave them a quick tour of my cute little orange apartment with its amazing terrace. mom and i went to the internet point after that, and then we all went out for dinner at a restaurant with an all bolognese menu to experience some local cuisine.

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